Imagine a LightVision extension for LightBurn

I was designing a memorial plaque and was wondering what materials to use, wood(birch, maple ash), marble, ceramic tiles, etc. Then I wondered about the 3D effects of layering and deep engraving.

Then it occured to me that what I really wanted was a tool that could take LightBurn files and render them realistically in 3D so that we can visualize the outcomes of our designs before commiting to a burn. Let’s call such a rendering extension LightVision. We should be able to choose the materials and their colours and rotate the object in three dimensions, allowing us to more readily visualize the outcome of our creations.

This would be so valuable to me that I would even be prepared to pay a separate license fee.
Does anyone else think this would be a valuable feature?


This is an interesting idea and it seems that you have a few enthusaiasts that agree.

There is a Feature Suggestions site linked in the top right hand side of the forum window. You may need to max the screen or zoom out to see it if you’re on a laptop.

Sign up at the Feature Suggestions site and have a look to see if the suggestion you’re making has already been offered. If it’s new - then please add it and encourage others to upvote it.

Thanks, will do.

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