Imagr & gimp the wimp

Are there any other good burning programs out there other than trash imagr & gimp the wimp?
I’m having a problem with imagr, I have contacted imagr 3 times now , still no response.
I bought into gimp the wimp, key code won’t work, 5 times I contacted wimpy gimpy about their
key code not working and 5 times they copied their response word for word. We are sorry but you must be entering the key code wrong. When you copy and paste their own key code, you don’t get it wrong.
So I’m looking for a new burning program, if I have to buy in, the answer is no I won’t. So I may be putting up for sale my brand new om2-7 watt and my 15 watt. I got my 7 watt on may 10th of may this year and my 15 watt came in on may the 25th of this year. The 7 watt has about 20 hours of burn time and 15 watt has about 10 hours on it. If I do decide to sell in the next couple of days I will let you know.
I also will not ship outside the cont. us.

I use meerk40t it has a raster wizard for photos that works good then export photo and bring it into lightburn for burning i like the xin script the best and meerk40t is free

Hello Steve ; This is the first time I have been back on here after my post. Thanks for the heads up about meerk40t. After many more e-mails with gimp, they finally gave me a new key code, and guess what! The only thing it does is open a blank gray screen. No tabs, no buttons, no nothing. And now I can’t get a response back from gimp the wimps. And my imagr still has a problem with burning hot lines across my image. It does that on both of my lasers. So that tells me that my imagr has a problem in the program.
Anyway, thanks for the info. Randy Cline

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