Import defaults to Application Data

When I import a photo or anything it searches in application data folder. I’m using LB 0.9.20 Windows 7. Hopefully I can change it to previous or last folder. Please help! Thank you.

Why not just drag and drop?

When I drag and drop it doesn’t drop into the new project? Anyone else have any ideas? And why won’t it drag and drop?

When you import, it uses the last place you imported from as the starting path. If you change that, it should remember it for next time.

Your question is confusing, and doesn’t tell me much - You said, “it doesn’t drop into the new project?” - What doesn’t drop? What kind of file are you trying?

I have tried to drag and drop png and svg. They will not drop. I can go to the same folder through drag & drop and they open. These files that won’t drop are ones I got through Design Bundles.
As far as the import function and the memory/recent folder, it takes me back to the last folder I imported from as long as I don’t shut down Lightburn. The next time I go into it and try to import the path goes to appdata>temporary internet files and in there is the last file I used in last session.

The files you got through ‘Design bundles’, are they supposed to be ‘unzipped’ first?
Only asking as i bought some designs yesterday and had a similar problem with ‘drag&drop’ until i realised i hadn’t unzipped them.

Try opening a file from the folder you want to keep as your memory/recent folder.
You don’t have to do anything to it just ‘select all’ and click ‘save’ and i believe that should do it.

If you open a file and do not save, it will revert back to the last folder used.

Thats one thing that’s never failed for me. You need to hold it over the open project until you get the green + symbol telling you you can let go.

If I just swipe across and let go the mouse, it doesn’t work - I guess it has to do with app focus.

I can import them but not drag and drop.

Even though they show up as being unzipped I decided to extract them in the same folder. I then tried to drag and drop and it worked!

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