Import DXF file from Freecad

I import a .DXF file from Freecad a simple square into lightburn. into Atomstack A10 pro.
Set layer 2 190 85% 1 pass. run the file
the laser cuts out the square 3 times.
I make the same square in lightburn and set the same layer 2 and the square runs 1 pass as it should.
I have some complex hydroplane parts to cut and would like to have a one pass operation.

Did you check for duplicates?

Yes I deleted duplicates. Remember i created a square in lightburn and used the same layer settings and it was a 1 run pass

Sometimes I have imported them in and there are double lines. If you select a single line it looks different than a line with one on top of it.

Might select it and press delete and see if that changes or deletes it…

It’s kind of a trick to see this because the are perfectly aligned…


Can you post your DXF file for us to look at? BTW you’ll probably need to append ‘.TXT’ to the file name (after the .DXF extension) so the forum software doesn’t reject it.

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Feel free to also( along with the dxf file ) include the LightBurn project file after you’ve imported the dxf, adjusted your layer information then saved it.

With those two files we should be able to pinpoint what’s going on.

Today everything is working as it should. not sure what changed.