Import file that has four different images but you only want one to engrave

I am new to laser engraving and I am sure there is a simple answer to my question, any guidance will be appreciated.

Not much to go on based on your description but if I’m understanding you correctly then I’d suggest looking at image masking.

Image Masking - LightBurn Software Documentation

Can you share the lightburn file or, at least a screen shot?

Select what you want to send and use this. If that is what you are after.

Couple of ways to do that.
Delete everything you don’t want to engrave.
Select only those items you want to engrave and turn on the Cut Selected Graphics in the Laser window.

Here’s a great website to help with screen shots

You don’t have to struggle with using your cell phone and you get much better quality images to post.

Thanks @JohnJohn for the link

Thanks Mike that did work, why will it only show in the preview box on line and not to fill?

Thanks John!

Line or Fill is controlled by your Cut/Layer setting(s)

The thing I am missing is how do I select the images to delete?

Draw a window over them with the Select Tool, then hit the Delete key

Select the Selection tool (looks like an arrow pointer), outline the portions you don’t want, then push Delete on your keyboard.

That worked, thanks to everyone who helped me out. It really is nice to know people really do care and don’t judge.

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