Import from CD - everything is always grouped. Why?

When using the export macro from CD to import objects (shapes and curves) in LB, LB always groups everything together, even if objects are not grouped in CD, even if objects in CD have separate colors, even if it is only one object, like a circle, that is being exported/imported.

I always need to ungroup before I can use the edit node function (else I can’t convert to Path). This is probably a macro thingy, would it be easy to change the macro? Or is it the way LB handles imports in general?

This is just how Lightburn handles imports, all objects are grouped.

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Yeah, but even if you import one object, it is ‘grouped’. I wonder what the idea is behind this design choice. :slight_smile:

Imports are grouped just to make them easier to position as a single unit if you import a couple files at once.

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When importing a file, I need a container to put everything in that isn’t the current project, in case something goes wrong part way through, and I need to abort. I put everything into a group, and when the import is done and successful, I add it to the project. Looking after the fact to see if only one item ended up in the group would be additional work. It also happens to be consistent this way, so I left it.

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Thx for the replies. It was just a bit confusing that I couldn’t convert a single imported square to path for note editing, until I found out that this single object was also grouped. Ungrouping it made it able to change to path. :slight_smile: And because I am now aware of this behaviour, it’s no issue any longer. Just ungroup after import, a one-click action. :slight_smile:

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