A little background first. I have two computers. We will call them computer 1 and 2. Computer 1 I use regularly for my projects in Lightburn. I recently had it serviced because I had an issue with the hardware and ended up loosing all my saved projects. I tried saving them to a USB drive, even made sure all files transferred before sending my computer off to be fixed.
Computer 2 is my slow backup computer. I plugged the USB stick in to access the files and they were all empty. They didn’t transfer over.
Computer 1 I have imported images from GIMP several times with no issues. When I received it back from getting fixed I still had no issues importing from Gimp. Then yesterday all the sudden I am unable to import from GIMP. When I export from gimp as a png like I have always done, I go to import to Lightburn and the file doesn’t exist.
So I set up computer 1 and 2 next to each other. I went step by step checking settings. Editing an image in Gimp then exporting as png. Making sure I do the process exactly the same on both computers at the same time. Then try importing to Lightburn exactly the same way on both computers at the same time. On computer 2 it imports just like it normally does. But on computer 1 the file doesn’t show up in Lightburn. Even under All supporting files there is nothing.
Any ideas what could possibly be going on?
I am wondering if I need the older version of Lightburn before the update to 9.24.
Thank you

You could try it to see if you see a difference. Just click the “blue text” link above. :wink:

If willing, post this exported PNG file, and we can take a look as well.

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