Import of .ai or .svg missing vectors/wrong shape

I am having 2 issues with importing files (.ai & .svg) to Lightburn. Anyone got an idea what I am doing wrong here?

1- When I export as .svg and then import to Lightburn it converts the outer ring dots to diamonds and will not burn the ones in this lower section. (see pic)

2- When I export as .ai and then import to Lightburn it wont burn the same ones in that lower section.

Pic is a preview of .ai file scan…

The ones that don’t burn are almost certainly doubled up and cancelling each other out, like this:

Go to Edit -> Delete Duplicates and that will likely fix it.

For the ones that are converting to diamonds, my best guess is that there’s something in the SVG file that’s not translating properly. If you zip the SVG file and email it to me at developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, I can have a look.

Awesome, that fixed the .ai file. All dots now show in preview. The circle array tool I used to create them over-lapped them, I didn’t know it could do that, lol.

IDK if this will help at all but when I try “delete all dupes” on the .svg import it doesn’t find any but I know they are there. I will send the .svg shortly, thanks!

AI exports that have both stroke and fill sometimes double export like that. If you use only stroke or fill it shouldn’t happen.