Import of Gcode on Galvo

Is there a possibility to import gcode into Galvo Files?
I would like to use a different slizer for deep laser engraving

THanks for the feedback

You can import gcode into LightBurn. It will basically reproduce the laser-on path defined in the g-code.

However, the g-code you import is likely to be quite different from the original geometry used to generate the g-code. For example, shapes will not be closed, filled shapes will become a series of tightly spaced lines rather than a closed outline, arcs will become straight approximations, etc.

Although you can import G-Code geometry into a LightBurn design, the Ruida controller uses a proprietary command set and does not accept G-Code commands.

LightBurn must convert the geometry & layer settings into the Ruida command set, then send that binary data to the controller.

As a result, you can’t send G-Code files created by another slicer directly to a Ruida controller.

A GitHub repo lists (some of) the Ruida commands:

But Galvo laser don’t work with ruida controllers. Does this work with EZCad2 controllers the same?

The ability to import is unrelated to the laser being output to.

I misread your profile and thought the Ruida controller was running the Fiber laser.

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