Import of jpeg - image includes art board(white background)

Can anyone help me with a file - I am certain it is my lack of knowledge- I have an AI designed image, when I import it as an jpeg it includes the white background/artboard- I am trying to do a greyscale engrave - not a photo, but a drawing- when converted to greyscale in AI it includes the artboard in the engrave - prior image would exclude the art board but the greyscale would not burn properly on the laser- etched everything instead of in scale-

Export as .PNG no transparency from your design sofware first than import. Than decide if you want to trace or not with lightburn.

thank you, just figured that out - trying to understand why jpeg would not work though- so i’ll research that at a later time

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Because the “white” in the jpg isn’t white when converted to black and white. It’s being seen as a colour.

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