Import SVG, doesn't work?

Hello All,
when I try to Import an SVG, nothing happens…
The file opens nicely in Inkscape.

There’s lots of ‘flavors’ of svg files. You can try and use the ‘zoom to frame’ tool up by the camera on the tool bar. Sometimes it’s big or small. You can look at the cut/layer window and if it’s there it will be on a layer.

Where did the svg originate?

I usually use one of the 2d export algorithms for svg.

It’s likely something specific to the SVG - Can you attach the SVG here? (Or, email it to and include a link to this thread, so we know what it’s about)

here it is…

That file is all filled with linear gradients, which LightBurn doesn’t support. You’d need to load it into InkScape and change those to simple solid fills.

I really appreciate your support.

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