Import svg with <image xlink:href="test.svg" ...> ignored

Hi, I am new to all this.
I try to open/import a svg file with Lightburn(demo) with an linked image inside:

<svg ...
  ...     >

The stern.svg:

The star doesn’t show up in Lightburn. Why?

Is there a way to do that with Lightburn?


I don’t think LB supports embedded/linked files. This is what I see when I import your attached SVG in LB:


That’s what I thought as well.
Can anyone else confirm this?
Is there an other way to replace image elements dynamically?
I have a template with text variables to replace with csv data. That part works already.
But also, I need to replace placeholder images with pictograms.
I did this with Inksape/NextGenerator but the replaced images don’t show up in Lightburn.
And I dont want to replace it manually, because there hundreds of them, if not thousands.
I would be grateful for any advice.

Yes, open that external image directly. But that’s not what I need in this case.


Ok, that gives us a better idea of your intentions and could help find a solution. I’m not familiar with NextGenerator but I’ve just had a quick look at it. I might be miles off here but rather than using it to insert a link to a file could you use it instead to insert just the geometry definition for each image/pictogram? Is that a possibility or does this fall down somewhere along the line.

I wouldn’t know how to do that with Nextgenerator.
Writeing my own python script is probably beyond my capabilities.
Any suggestion is welcome.