Import text portrait?

Hey everyone, first post here! Let me begin by saying that lightburn as a software is amazing and that y’all who keep it running and support this community are even more amazing. I do have a question… I created a text portrait utilizing inkscape… if you’re not familiar it’s basically a portrait utilizing a pattern of text as it’s mask and putting that over a background in order to create the contrast so that you can see it. I was wondering if there was any way to import that into lightburn? I currently save the result as a bitmap and then copy that into lightburn, but the bitmap loses the crispness of the text. Thanks, in advance for any help…even it the result is that it can’t be done.

I doubt it would work at present. I’d have to see how the file was stored to know how hard it would be to support.

Having said that, if you export from InkScape as a PNG, you can specify the size and DPI of the output, and as long as it’s high enough, you shouldn’t have issues with the text. Try exporting at 400 to 600 DPI, at the size you need, and see if that improves the result enough. It should be fine at that size.

awesome, i’ll give that a try…thanks Oz

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