Imported PDF is not at correct scale


I am using the application CLO3D to create clothing patterns. The software allows me to export in a number of formats including PDF. During the export I am able to select a scale and I choose 100%. After the export I load the PDF into Adobe Acrobat Reader and use the measure tool to confirm that the pieces are, in fact, the correct measurement. Good!

However, when I import the PDF into Lightburn, it is imported at a fraction of the size. Is there a way to have it import at the correct scale without having to manipulate it in Lightburn? I am working with very precise measurements and I don’t want to introduce the possibility of human err.

Thanks for the great software and support!


Interesting… loading the PDF into Inkscape I see that it also interprets the scale incorrectly and at the same size that Lightburn does. I wonder how Acrobat knows the correct scale and other applications don’t.

I believe I solved my own problem. When exporting from CLO3D I was presented with options for the measurement units and scale. The default is mm @ 100% and I had changed it to cm @ 1000% thinking this would be equivalent. Switching it back to mm @ 100% was the trick.

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