Imported SVG scaling affected

When i import .SVG files drawn using Affinity Designer on an iMac, parts are the wrong size even though I’ve adjusted the scale to match the original. E.G The insert for an LED light base is 20mm deep x 69mm wide but the insert is only 15mm even though I’ve made the adjustment. I have to ungroup everything and manually adjust to the correct size.

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Have you cut out a square, for instance, and measured it to make sure it was indeed what you programmed? Are you saying that in AD, it’s 20mm, but when you import it, LB says that it’s on 15mm? And is it only the base that is the wrong size, and everything else is correct?

Thanks for replying. Yes, I drew a 20mm high rectangle in AD on the iMac, saved the image and imported it into Lightburn. As usual the scaling had to be adjusted and the ratio was locked to ensure height and width were adjusted as required. The rectangle in LB to check the insert was 15mm, so ungrouped and adjusted. I only noticed as the light is a football team emblem and the emblem went into the light base, it’s never happened before. I can check other parts of the original and imported image and update you with any other change in dimensions later if that’s OK.

Another option would be to export to a different format than SVG. Try exporting to AI or DXF and see if the problem persists.

Not an option in Affinity Designer. I bought Lightburn because of the Apple support and the ability to export/import .SVGs. I have processed a good number of files and this hasn’t happened before. I’ll go through an image and check the dimensions of each part and post a picture of the original and the imported .SVG in Lightburn for comparison with all dimensions marked up.

Maybe try PDF. A quick googling shows that it should be possible.

Yes, PDF is an option, tried it and it imported without having to rescale. Thanks for the tip, never knew a PDF would go in as a vector!

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Send an SVG with known dimensions to me (developer at lightburnsoftware dot com) along with what the measurements are supposed to be so I can take a look. It’s possible Affinity is assuming 72 dpi and not exporting an actual measured dimension, but I won’t be able to tell without seeing the file content. Do the SVGs import into other software at the correct scale?

Thanks for the reply, I’ll process a file and send it to you later. I only export/import .SVGs from iMac using Affinity Designer into Lightburn.
Best Regards, Gary,

If you export to SVG I think there is no DPI stated. If you define a DPI of 96 with the export the size will fit with the design (found out with bit of trial and error)

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Cheers Zeno4ever, Tried that and it worked fine.

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Ahh interesting! I’ll have to give that a try next. I was having this exact same issue. I’m using Affinity Designer to creating my vectors and exporting to SVG but the dimensions kept coming out different from what I specified. Typically I use 300 DPI for new documents just out of habit and I did notice that the size changed based on the resolution. I tried using 72 DPI and it got closer but still wasn’t accurate. I tried the PDF format which worked but I prefer to use SVG. It confused me because the DPI shouldn’t have any bearing on the physical dimensions. Still, quite strange that PDF behaves correctly but SVG’s do not.

Excellent! That’s good to know - thanks Dave!

I just did a test importing an SVG at 96 DPI and I can confirm that the scaling is accurate. I created a 20mm square box and a 20mm circle in Affinity Designer, Imported it into Lightburn and the sizes were exactly the same. Thanks for figuring out that workaround @zeno4ever!

For me, on Windows and Affinity Designer, an export of svg with 72dpi was necessary to get the exact scaling. This is kinda strange, e.g. Visicut needs 90dpi or 96dpi, depending of the version

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