Imported SVG ungroups itself

When creating an SVG in Lightburn, I make sure everything is grouped correctly. But when I import that same SVG back into Lightburn (or when someone who purchases my SVG imports it into a different software program), it’s no longer grouped. Is there a way to keep things grouped? Like maybe a “lock” feature that I’m unaware of?

I don’t know that this will affect your results, but have you noted/changed the Edit, Settings, File settings, General Import Settings, “group imported settings” to see if it makes a difference?

It actually looks like I was exporting groups, but filled shapes make this complicated because LightBurn treats everything on a single layer as one shape for the purpose of fills, whether they’re in the same group or not, and SVG doesn’t have a way to do this, so I just flatten everything.

There may be ways to do this if the file is “well behaved”, but I’ll have to look to see if it’s possible.

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