Imported text in DFX (Justification issue)

I have a file from AutoCAD with MText that has various justification (and alignment, but it seem to be a justification issue). (middle center, top center). They all seem to import to oddly, putting the text in the wrong location including adding {} around the text. Lightburn is up to date and I have tried various dfx versions when saving the dfx.

Text set with justification of Middle Left imports as it was placed Top Left. Top right justification imports so the text is on the Top Left of the text box. Or so it seems.

If I explode the text, then it imports correctly but then I loose the ability to change the position justification in AutoCAD.

Is there a solution or will I just need to explode the text each time and make sure I save a version of non exploded text that I work on?

Barber Model box.dxf.txt (4.0 MB)

I have had a similar thing happen with me.
I’m using BricsCAD v20 (and have tested with V22 on another PC) to export my dxf files.

All below text is justified ‘Middle’

Importing it into LightBurn produces the following:

Continued below because of 4 images per post

When I instead save my DXF with text justified as Bottom Left, I get this on LightBurn import:

View using 3rd party online DXF viewer:

Middle Justified file-

Bottom Left Justified file-

I’ve uploaded both of my labels DXF files, one that has Middle Justified text and the other is Bottom Left justified for testing. Something is off with dxf import it seems.

I have also done Text Explode on BricsCAD which gives fine results on DXF import, although the only problem for me is that text is now Lines rather than a Fill object and these labels, when lasered, are really thin lines that we can’t use such as the screenshots in BricsCAD or ShareCAD. I like how LightBurn creates a filled text character.

LABELS.dxf.txt (372.9 KB)
LABELS_Bottom Left Justified.dxf.txt (372.9 KB)

You are using a single line SHX font (ISO3098B) in BricsCAD.

When you import the DXF file, it switches it to default Arial. If you want to widen the single line font in LB, but keep the location the same:

explode the text in BricsCAD
export DXF
import DXF into LB
do an offset both ways on the exploded single line text in LB and delete the original

Thanks RalphU,

Super helpful! I’ll use this and show our guys how to do this.

If I do change this text to Arial (from ISO3098B) in BricsCAD, I still get the same alignment issues when importing the Arial dxf. If we could minimize steps then that’d be epic, but if not then it is how it is.

I see that doing a TXTEXP (Text Explode) in BricsCAD when text has been changed to Arial, it puts it into a fill type font (apologies that I don’t know the right terminology for this).

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