Importing docx files in Lightburn to make stamp

I will put a textfile from Word .docx in Lightburn, but it doesn’t work for me, because it translate in image file and so I can’t make stamps from it, especially with ramp mode, pfff

Who can advise or help me with it?

Well is it a docx file that changes often, and that’s why you’re using it like that? Perhaps another file format would be a better option.

Hey Blake,

When I change the docx file to pdf then it stays a image, that when I will use the ramp option and that is only in line, fill style in the cut settings

LightBurn does not support the docx file format. Is there a reason you are not creating the text directly within LightBurn?

Yes, I made it in Word because Word let my do it, but now I think I muist make it in Lightburn and it will work, I hope

What kind of text are you looking to do? Did you use Word because of the font and formatting options?

thanks all, I did it in Lightburn, did work great

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