Importing drawings with wrong size

I have used Lightburn for sometime now, first with my diode laser and now with my CO2 K40 and I have encounter a few issues with LB. This time is when importing files, either AI, SVG, or simply pasting from the clipboard.

Sometimes, when I import files, LB import these but in a slightly smaller size. Most of the time the importing is accurate, but once in a while LB uses this smaller size version of the drawing. Often it is not easy to notice the different size unless I check the dimensions before sending it to the laser. Other times I realize of this issue after I get finished engraving or cutting my project, and I have to start over.

I have tried to find out why this is happening. I normally create or modify designs in Illustrator and verify the dimensions there. When I create or resize in LB, there is not issue

Check your SVG import settings.

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Thank you Tim,

I had the import settings set to Inkscape (96 DPI) as default. I hope that’ll fix my issues