Importing .dxf from Maya

Hey there!

I’ve just begun to dig into LightBurn, and had a question about importing of .dxf files, specifically from Maya. It seems others have had .dxf import issues as well, but I don’t hear mention of Maya much. I do all my modeling and prefab work in Maya. It’s what I use for work, so it’s what I’m most comfortable in. I build furniture and artwork.

So I’ve been testing basic shapes from Maya, say a plane, and exporting the .dxf and trying to import to LightBurn. After import, nothing shows in the viewport. There’s no layer info, nothing. My other often used software (SketchUp, Vcarve Pro) do not have problems with Maya’s .dxf exports.

So what am I missing? Is there something LightBurn doesn’t like about Maya’s handling of the dxf format?

Figured out a workaround workflow that seems to work ok. Import to Meshmixer and export an svg file. I wish it worked direct from Maya, but alas, this will do!

If you are willing, please send a couple of example files, how they look in Maya, along with a link to this post for context, to, and we can take a look at the file itself to see if there’s something we aren’t handling properly.

Hi Rick! For sure! It’s basic shapes in Maya, so nothing special, but maybe it would shed some light on an issue.

I’ll upload them later tonight. Thanks!

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