Importing files from a MacBook Air into LightBurn

I am new to LightBurn and laser engraving and I need help with the following: I downloaded a file from Etsy to my MacBook Air and it is stored in a folder. How and where do I move the file to LightBurn so that I can open it and use it? The MacBook is new and is using macOS Big Sur, version 11.3.1 with LightBurn version 1.0.04.

You would need to start a new project in LightBurn. Then you can do file->import and pick the file or drag and drop the file into the workspace in LightBurn.

You need to be conscious of the file type. LightBurn can import most common vector and raster image formats but you never know what you might be working with.

Make sure the file from Etsy is not compressed into a zip file or similar.

Thanks for the reply. I will try what you said. However, based upon your reply I have a another question. Why do I want to make sure the Esty file is not compressed into a zip file or similar?

OK, thanks!

OK, that worked. Thanks!

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