Importing FROM LightBurn INTO Adobe Illustrator

First I’m brand new to not only LightBurn but also to lasers. I just got a K40 and still waiting on an upgrade board so I can fully use LB w/ with it. I have been using Adobe Illustrator along with K40 Whisper to get some things done.

What I have been doing is using LB to design what I want done then saving a SVG file or AI file, however; when I import the saved file into K40 whisper or AI – I’m not getting what I would expect.

So here is the design in LB

and here is the preview of it in LB

Both of these are pretty much what I expect and want, however; when I save FROM LB as a AI file then open it in AI it comes up like this…

I’m certain that it has to do with the vectors inside and outside – I just don’t understand WHY it would be different within LB vs AI or K40 whisper.

Thanks, for any help.

Did you view it in “outline” mode in Illustrator?

First let me say thanks for taking a look at this…

No, I had not thought to look at it in “outline” mode, as K40 whisper uses black/grey for raster engraving and it is/was my assumption that the area needs to be filled in order to complete the rastering of the area.

Here is a screen shot of the file in AI “outline” mode.

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