Importing image at orig size

Hey team! Wondering how to import an image at the size I designed it in. I design to size in illustrator for IPad, when importing into LB it shrinks the image size down by approximately and inch and a half. The file size is not larger than the LB art board so I don’t see a reason or need for the software to think it needs to shrink the size. Any direction to correct is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

What filetype are you importing? And do have and raster elements in the design?

If you are importing .ai files scale should “just work”. If you are using SVG you will likely need to change DPI setting in LightBurn by going to Settings->File Settings->SVG Import Settings->72 DPI.

If none of these seem to apply can you upload a sample file here for review and an indication of what the dimensions should be? You may need to add a .txt extension to the filename for the forum to accept the file depending on type.

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Thank you! I’ll check the LB settings. I am exporting as SVG. I could try ai too. I’m not partial to one or another lol just a habit to export as SVG.

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