Importing Images for beginners

I drag a pic from my email to light burn Icon at the bottom, but then can find image. I was told it should be in the top right, but I don’t see it. This is an amazing software BTW!

I am not sure exactly what you mean, but it sounds like you are saying you drag the image from your email to the LightBurn icon on your taskbar, unfortunately I don’t believe this will work. However, if you save the image, then open LightBurn and just drag it onto the working area in LightBurn,(or any area in LightBurn) it should then import the image for you. It will drop it wherever your drop it in the LightBurn space.

Alternatively, save the image open LightBurn use “Ctrl+I” or click File–> Import. Then select your image and it should bring it into your working area.



I think that is what you want. Sometimes images appear all over the place for some reason but using that you can find it, select it and then move it back to the cutting area.

Save the image to a folder.

File–> import

Select the image and double click :+1:

You can also have both windows open and drag directly to the LB work area. In most cases the image will populate right there.

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