Importing images to the library

I recently purchased a Falcon 2 Laser Engraver. I have downloaded the trial of LightBurn.
I have everything set up and have ran some test pieces. Now, I have ventured off and purchased some image libraries to import. The files are PDF and/or JPG’s. I download them, save them to a separate folder on my desktop and I am able to open and view. When I go into LightBurn, Window, Art Library and select import. Then I select the file(s) I want to import. When I open the art library there is nothing there or when I select the file while in LightBurn and open it says there is not anything there. Can someone assist and tell me what I am doing wrong?

Did you have an existing library file open when you tried this?

Import - each one will become an entry in the current library.

No, I didn’t have an existing library open. So, are you saying I have to import each image seperately?

My apologies: I select “load”, not import.

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