Importing images

Beginner here
Both with the USB-C and the T4 card, lightburn won’t import any images
Did I set up something wrong or not do something

Trying to open or import your photos?

Yes exactly what I’m trying to do
I’m wondering if I didn’t set up something properly??

You misunderstood my question.
You open LightBurn files (.lbrn2) but you import images (.jpg, .gif .png…), that’s a big difference. That’s why I asked about it.

On the lightburn screen grid, I go to import file, into my images and it won’t import
They are jpeg or svg

I can open my images on my laptop but not import them onto the lightburn screen

That’s the right way to do it, I can’t see what’s wrong, just tried it again with my system, it works both if I click on the import icon or in the menu itself.

just to be safe, that’s how i do it

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Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? What actually happens instead of importing? Do you get a message?

A screenshot would also be helpful.

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I think I figured out the importing issue. What I was trying to import was in the wrong format.
I’m very new to this lightburn. The laser I have is a CREALITY . Are you at all familiar with that?

There are a number of people on this forum that have been using various Creality machines and upgrade kits.

The specific machine you have doesn’t impact the formats supported in LightBurn however.

Glad you found the solution yourself. I don’t know your laser but it looks like a fine diode laser. You will easily benefit from many posts here in the forum, even if they are other brands and or types of laser.
Another fantastic aid is “Docs”, here on the page, here you will find a well-written and informative documentation.

Thank you for your help, much appreciated

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