Importing List of names

I am trying to import a list of names and when I do I am unable to break them apart to engrave each name individually. I have also tried to make the file in corel but then I loose the sizing of the text. There has to be a simple way to import a list of text items then manipulate that text to different fonts and sizes. Please help.

How long is the list? There isn’t a way yet to break a long multi-line text object into individual lines, though one other user has requested this as well. If you copy a line of text from your list and just paste in LightBurn, it will become its own entry, so you could do it a line at a time.

I don’t understand why doing this in Corel would lose the sizing of the text. You should be able to set up what you want there, then convert it to curves and export an AI or SVG for use with LightBurn.

In the upcoming release of LightBurn we have a new ‘Mail merge / CSV file’ feature that’s designed to help with repetitive bulk jobs, like doing a list of name tags. Are you trying to make them all the same, or all different fonts / sizes, etc?

You can vote for this feature at the below link if you wish.

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