Importing PDF's with Multiple Pages

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I’m trying to import PDF files that have multiple pages inside. The problem is nothing happens when I try to do the import. Nothing gets imported. I have no problems importing files that are only a single page, but anything with more then one just won’t import.

On Inkscape it will let me choose which page to import. But I’d really like to skip that step and just use LightBurn if possible. Or do I need to blow apart the PDF file to separate pages? The files are drawings with either multiple pieces or a drawing thats been “tiled” out so it’s printer friendly. The files that are “tiled” I want to impot all the pages and reassemble the drawing to a whole so I can cut the complete part on my laser.

Hopefully I’m explaining myself correctly.
Thanks! Jason

LightBurn currently ignores everything but the first page. It’s something I plan to add support for.


Thank you sir for the info! Jason

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