Importing SVG Text Objects

I am trying to import an SVG file and I get this error/notice, How can the text be included in the SVG so it can be imported?


You need to convert all text to paths before importing into LightBurn. You could use Inkscape to do this.

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I thought an SVG only contained vectors?

SVG’s can contain a mix of text, and vectors.

I learn something new every day, thanks!

It can contain raster bitmaps too, I do believe.

LightBurn doesn’t support all the different text options that many art packages do, so rather than try to explain to users why their text sometimes looks different, I just require all text be converted to paths for the time being.

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I have someone creating a vector file for me that included a lot of text. When I asked them to convert the text to paths the new file had the text as vectors but they are now merged with the other underlying vectors. What should I tell the person to do in there vector editor to keep the new paths for the text from merging with the other vectors?

Can they move the text to a new layer before they convert it to a path?

How do you mean “merged”? I ask because everything you import in LightBurn comes in as a single grouped shape, but you can un-group that and move the individual pieces around.

If they make the text objects a different color they’ll import to a different layer in LightBurn.

Yes I understand it comes in Grouped, I mean the vectors are actually merged like this

That looks like it was converted to an image and then traced, or something - That’s very strange. I double checked to be sure - LightBurn does not do any sort of auto-closing or merging of shapes when importing from SVG.

The first file they sent me, caused the Text error message and the file imported with out the text. I asked them to convert the text to paths and this is what they sent next. Now they are telling me they might not be able to fix it. Starting to look like I hired the wrong people.

Download Inkscape - its free and pretty good. Open the original file in it and then convert the text yourself and save it.

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Thanks - I did not know that.