Importing to the same spot each time

Is it possible to set lightburn to import files to the same spot each time? Every time I import an object I manually set the x and the y position coordinates for the top left corner of the object. It would be nice to have this happen automatically. Is there a setting for this I am not seeing?


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From the LightBurn documentation:

When using drag & drop to import a file, the content of the file is placed exactly at the mouse location when you release the button. If using the menu item or import button, the file is placed in the center of the work area. If you want the file to drop to the same location it exists in the source document, hold the Shift key when you import.

Thanks for the info. so the answer is no. Bummer.

If you have a specific LightBurn behavior or features you would like to suggest, we have a place for that where others can add their support by voting up the idea. Please remember to search first to help us manage duplicate ideas.

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Brilliant! Thanks!

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