Importing Txt from Word or Powerpoint via PDF

I noticed recently that some users were having issues importing word docs. I played around for a while as I needed to do this very task, and found a way that may have already been published, but have not been able to find any reference to it so felt I should share it.
Any text in Word or Powerpoint can be set to No Fill and Outlined. So I created a word doc with the " The Quick Fox" text. I then highlighted the text, right mouse click, selected Font, then select "text Effects at bottom of font window. Then set Text Fill to “No Fill” , Text Outline to “Solid Line” (colour as you please) then Outline Style Width to 0.01.
I then saved as PDF and imported to LB. The outline came in as I wanted. You can do that edit change with the whole doc selected and hopefully get all texted imported via a PDF as an outline in Lightburn.
Appreciate any comments.

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This works great. They ought to pin this somewhere as a lot of people can use this solution. Thanks.

@davebmck A sticky would be great but I think is should be included in the documentation as well.
@MrMcGregor Great job on explaining the process!