Importing Vector Diagrams only partially works

I have vector diagrams on PDF which look perfect, but when I import them some parts are missing and it is not always the same parts. Ideas?


It might be that your PDF files contains lines with stroke width, and shapes that overlap each other and “knock out” the color of other shapes underneath them. One way to tell:

open PDF file in Coreldraw and View>Wireframe
open PDF file in Illustrator and View>Outline
open PDF file in Inkscape and View>Display Mode>Outline

If a line or shape contains stroke width in either program above, it will view as a narrow line. If the lines or shapes have been “outlined”, they contain a fill, and you will be able to see the width of the fill in the above view mode.

Cheers, I will download Inkscape and try that.

I imported into Inkscape and saved a .svg file and imported that to Lightburn and it came in perfectly. Much appreciated.

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