Impossible d'imprimer la photo (Unable to print photo)

Bonjour, j’essaye d’imprimer une photo en noir et blanc mais impossible de faire demarrer l’impression le logiciel m’affiche le message d’erreur que je vous met en photo.
Je pense qu’elle capte la demande mais le laser ne ce met pas en marche. Merci d’avance pour vos réponses.

Hello, I am trying to print a black and white photo but it is impossible to start printing, the software is showing me the error message that I am putting in a photo.
I think it picks up the request but the laser does not turn on. Thank you in advance for your answers.

It looks like you have 2 separate issues going on.

  1. The flame sensor on the laser is detecting a fire so it’s shutting off. The sensor is probably set too sensitive and is getting a false positive. 3 potential remedies
    a. Upgrade your firmware to the latest version where the default has this disabled
    b. Disable the sensor manually by typing $261=0 in Console window
    c. Cover the sensor with something like tape. It’s located directly behind the controller below where the red stop button is located.
  2. The overscan settings on your cut settings requires the laser travel beyond the boundary of your laser.
    a. reduce or disable the overscan % on the cut settings
    b. make your image smaller so overscan has more room. You can see the effect of this in the Preview tool.

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