Impression characteres (Impression characteres)

Bonjour, après une petite pause je l’utilise a nouveau lightburn. j’arrive bien à faire des découpes, Gravure de dessin MAIS j’ai un problème lorsque que j’imprime des caractères , c’est tout flou comme si le laser avait la tremblote… :frowning:

Hello, after a short break I am using Lightburn again. I’m good at making cuts, engraving drawings BUT I have a problem when I print characters, it’s all blurry as if the laser was trembling…

Please post a picture of what you’re seeing. Sometimes this is simply loose parts in the engraver or attempting to engrave too quickly.

If it’s very strange I may need to look at your file to see what’s happening.
This can be done privately if need be.

Voici le résultat d’impression sur une police Palace script, et en plus il n’y a que le contour de la police.

Here is the printing result on a Palace script font, and in addition there is only the outline of the font.

Some of these lines may indicate something specific in the software.

The gap at the top of the Capital A and the compression of the dot above the lower case i look more like the Y-Axis is loose or the laser module is rocking toward and away from the front of the laser engraver while it is engraving.

  • With the engraver shut off slowly wiggle the lowest part of the laser engraver module to see if it is loose on the tracks.

  • Please open this project and capture the screen in LightBurn so I can see how the Ligature line for the Capital A is intended to look.

The construction of the narrow joining lines may be contributing to something specific.

  • Which version of LightBurn are you currently using?

  • If you are willing and interested it may be faster to engrave one 5 cm circle as a test.

If an engraved circle misbehaves at more than two points, it could be a software problem. If it misbehaves at one or two points, it’s likely to be mechanical.

Merci pour votre assistance, j’ai pu me poser les bonnes questions. Mon problème est résolu, j’avais mis une vitesse d’impression trop rapide pour le texte. en réduisant la vitesse à 9 l’impression est très bonne.

Thank you for your assistance, I was able to ask myself the right questions. My problem is solved, I had set the printing speed too fast for the text. by reducing the speed to 9 the impression is very good.

If 9 is a speed that delivers good results, you are likely working in Inches per second or mm per second.

You may enjoy working in mm per minute and this can be changed in the Settings window.

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