Improper cut on Y Axis

Cut on the X axis is very thin and sharp but cut on Y axis is wider than x and not cutting through, requesting expert opinion

This is not uncommon. Laser spots are not square, they are rectangular. So you will always have a better cutting direction in one axis. Though, Sculpfun modules are known to be quite square. Which module do you use? You can do the wall test (Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance) to check your beam shape.

A diode laser has a rectangular spot, so it will cut better in one direction. The spot in your laser is aligned with its long side parallel to the X axis, which is why it cuts better that way.

Previous discussions have more details:

There is no “cure”: you must adjust the cutting power & speed to produce the results you want regardless of the direction.

Figuring the proper kerf offset for close-fitting joints will require some experimentation to find a good compromise: