Improvement suggestion: keyboard shortcuts for moving laser LightBurn Software (Continued)

This is a repost as the forum topics lock after a month for some reason. (Could that be changed too… some topics stay relevant for years)

For those of us without full size keyboards with numberpads (I use a USB connected laptop to control my laser), could the keyboard shortcuts for moving the laser be user controllable please?)
I would like it where you use the regular arrows to move X and Y and the Pg-Up and Pg-Down to control Z axis. Hit CTRL plus direction for small changed, ALT plus direct for medium and SHIFT plus direction for larger changes… but it would be nice to let folks program their own preference.

I find that when trying to make fine adjustments to the laser position, I have to look back and forth between the laser and LightBurn to hit the appropriate move button (using Print and Cut is the most common time).

It would be useful to have a set of PROGRAMABLE SHORTCUT KETS that move the laser around at the set step size. I see that the keyboard arrows select the various open windows. Perhaps you could set ASWD to move the laser, or maybe when the Move window has focus, you could switch the arrow keys to control.

Thanks all!

This needs to be put in the Feature Suggestions. Not in forum.

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