In Air Assist is option M7 "or" M8 but i need a "and" option


can you please write your Ari Assist option change to an “And” option in your software.
I need ever the waterpump but sometimes i need too the airpump. After job i need nothing, it’s better for my ears :wink: .


The air assist control in LightBurn is meant to control the air assist, not multiple peripherals.

Different GRBL controllers/ setups use M7 or M8 to toggle that, which is why the selector exists in LightBurn to specify which one is your air assist.

You can make a Macro Button that you press to issue the other command to turn on your water at the beginning of the job, and another button to press to turn it off at the end of the job.

However, my understanding is that M9 will turn off both the pins associated with M7 and M8. Thus, I believe it is a bad idea to have the water pump hooked up to the board altogether. Put it on a toggle switch :slight_smile:

Yes, M9 would kill both, which means every layer that turned off the air assist would also turn off the water pump. Ray’s suggestion of an external switch is a better one.

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