In-house vacuum system for venting

To get rid of the strong smell of burnination from laser engraving in my small basement office slash mad scientist laboratory, I decided to see what the house’s built-in vacuum system would do. My laser is just a little Creality attachment on my old Ender 3 printer, but the tiny fan and also tiny carbon filter don’t do much about the smell.

As a test I positioned the vacuum hose about six inches behind where the laser’s tiny fan blows out. This actually works way better than I expected - there’s hardly any smell now. Not a permanent solution, and I wouldn’t use it for 3d printing because the vacuum shouldn’t run for hours on end, but for 15-minute engravings it seems like a great workaround until I can setup more elaborate air extraction.

Use caution with this. It is possible that a hot ember makes it’s way through the system to the vacuum, smolders and starts a fire. Dust can be highly flammable.


Good point - thanks! The vacuum hose is 30 ft long and I’m just surface-etching faux leather for now, so not too much of a concern short term. The permanent system will use smooth vent pipe to go outside, and considering what you said I’ll add a metal screen on it. Cheers.

Be careful with faux leather. It seems it emesis poisonous fumes…

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