Inches / mm/min

I give up. My Google Fu is weak and I can’t find the answer. Can someone explain the “Inches / mm/min” setting?
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Hovering over the option provides a quicktip which indicates that distances will be shown in inches while speed values are indicated in mm/min. The other options use the indicated unit for both.


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thanks! I didn’t realize that function was there.

Great. Can you please mark this topic as solved so that others can ignore it?

It’s marked solved so other looking for a solution will find an answer, not a dead end thread. Not many of us ignore it.

From the Lightburn documentation, fyi

Equation support

Note that the XPos, YPos, Width, Height, and Rotate fields can all accept equations, and the XPos, YPos, Width, and Height controls accept units as well. This means that if you are working in mm, but you want to create a shape that is 5 inches wide, just enter 5in or 5" into the width field and LightBurn will convert it for you.

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