Inches to MM Contol

I downloaded the Lightburn Software on my Desktop and Laptop computers on the same day. On the Desktop I have a" mm/in control," on the Laptop I don’t. How can I add this “control Switch” to my Laptop? I’ve found where I can switch them under settings, but would like to have the "Control switch: it is faster.

Also, if I my Ortur Laser is in MM and I use inches to create a file in lightburn, will the file automatically be converted to MM when sent to the laser?

Thanks for you help.

Please show us what you see, and we can go from there.

LightBurn uses mm internally and sends mm to the control system. Use of imperial measurements is available within LightBurn to assist folks using that standard. :slight_smile:

Here is what I see: The mm/in control is on the software loaded to the Desktop computer, but not to the software loaded to the Laptop Computer. I downloaded the software to these computers on the same day.

If the laptop screen is really small, the font control might be slid to the left, sitting on top of it. If you grab the left edge of the ‘Font’ window and drag it downward, to dock it under the position / size toolbar, can you see it then?

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The Computer is not really that small; it’s 14". The Font Window, however, does not move. I feel like that is the problem though, since under the Modifier Window the Radius does not show at the bottom either. I’ll try and figure out how to resize my computer window. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

If you attach a screenshot here then others can take a look as well.

When I said “small” I meant the resolution of the display. If you’re using less than a 1920 x 1080 screen you might have to move some things around, or reduce the size of the tool buttons (which you can do in the settings).

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