Inconsistant cut line

when trying to cut adhesive backed fabric…the type you would see on athletic wear, team logos and such…the laser cuts inconsistantly. i have constant power mode set. im cutting slowly at high power. i attach a photo of whats going on. any help appreciated.

What happens if you disable constant power mode? Are cutting from the front or back of the material?

Separately, are the uncut portions possible a result of variation in the material? Or do those parts correlate to a pattern or lettering printed on the backside of the fabric? If so, it’s possible that the variation in color is enough to affect the burn.

Hi and thanks. I tried disabling constant power, no change. also, im cutting on the backside of the material. its a very uniform almost satiny finish cloth, with an iron on backing. i cut from the backing side because the backing down sticks it to my worksurface when the laser heats it. the dropout pattern as seen in the photo are very uniform.

Is it covered in a removable backing or the adhesive is directly exposed?

What are you placing the work material on when you’re burning?

the adhesive is exposed…like a thin layer of hotmelt glue. i just use replaceable paper sheets to cut on.

Are there any markings on the paper that would potentially reflect light differently?

Are you using air assist? If so, what type?

I’m trying to think of anything that could account for the period change in cut quality. Do you notice any fluctuation at all in environment as the cut occurs?

It looks like ‘tabs’ is turned on…?


No sir, tabs is not turned on. Niether is perforation.

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