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I AM CONSISTLY HAVE ISSUES NOW. I AM MAKNING CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS WITH WOOD. I HAVE PRECUT ROUND DISK AND I AM BURING A DESIGN ON IT. EARLIER THIS YEAR I MADE A TEMPLATE TO BURN NINE AT A TIME AND IT WORK GREAT. SINCE THEN I T HAS GONE DOWN HILL. TODAY 11/15 -11/16 I can only do one at a time. Om 11/15 I got good results I put in a blank disk and I am using the same image file but I change the name. the image is off center and there is a line burned on it. On 11/16 I started a new disk and ti got about 1/3 of the image burned and stopped. I will provide images asap when my pnone is charged up. I have been having his proving off and on for about 3 weeks. I need help. The laptop is less than year old. I am using lightburn v10.0.04 software

Good that you do not SCREAM the whole text :wink:
The easiest way to help you is to view your file, even if you explain yourself fine, it is not possible to reproduce the possible error without the file itself.
Another option you have is to do a similar project, (as simple as possible), and see if the error itself occurs permanently. It is also a good start to specify if it is a hardware or software error.
How does your project appear in the preview window ?, does it look right?

ps. Your profile says (me) nothing about your laser machine, is it a diode or a CO2, what kind of a controller … will be useful to get it updated.

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