Inconsistent decimal separator

Inconsistent decimal separator (in Germany we use comma as decimal and dot as thousands separator)

  • → Cut Settings Editor: all inputs with dots
  • → Numeric Edits: pos and size is “dot”, rotate is “comma”
  • → File → Settings
  • anywhere else?

The problem is that on the numerical keypad of a german keyboard is a comma, not a dot key.

I’m using actual Windows10, Region Germany

Thanks for reading,

Same here in DK, I have made the team aware of the problem and they will probably change it once they have time for this kind of small problems :wink:

Oh, yes, funny, I didn’t notice until now. French Windows.
Power Max
Shape Properties
Coordinates in bottom status bar.
Move tab.

The settings are all dots, idem for the toolbar except the rotate, as indicated above.
Actually, the comma is more an exception than a rule (Interval Test, Material Test and curiously the units are in the fields, not in the labels; Cut Settings Editor; )

On French numeric keyboard, dot remains a dot, so I don’t mind, but I would appreciate some consistency in one direction or the other!

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