Inconsistent fill

On the fill, there’s inconsistent fill, where there are bands where it should be the same color.

It started this early on since I got the engraver., I notice it was stratified waves (see picture), as it turned out, the wire was breaking on the engraver laserhead, when

Here is the output.

And from the light burn software screen.
Screenshot 2023-08-16 155238

What would be cause this, I’m hoping it just the settings.

Sorry,… I had since replaced the wiring harness to the laser head. So it wasn’t the wiring that’s causing this.

The issue you’re describing is not apparent to me. Can you call it out more explicitly?

Do you have the same issue if you use a solid fill with a vector graphic, let’s say a rectangle?

Sure,… it the stratifications here… see the different shades (red arrow shows the border of the stratifications. it should be the same shade…

Here is the Light Born settings;

Now on another project, its really didn’t show, but the settings show and I used the same type of wood, (Basswood).

And these are the setting for that…

I think it may be the settings because I used a lower power(35%) where its having it is having the
output stratifications issues on the grayscale fill compared to 45% on the one with no issues.

Hope this helps to clarify it.

Hard to say from the photos but some possible issues:

  1. Seems to me like it could be from the natural variation of the wood. If you burn a solid vector shape with similar settings what’s the result?
  2. Could also be caused by residue on the wood surface. Is this solid basswood? A light sanding could remediate this.
  3. You may have a mechanical issue going on. Check if there is any damage or residue on the belts and gears. It would have to be something where you see a regular repeating difference at different areas of the parts.

I don’t think the root cause issue looks to be a setting issue but a couple of things to review:

  1. Have you run an interval test on the material to optimize for line spacing? Overburning could exasperate or hide whatever the root cause is.
  2. Similarly, investigate dot width correction in Cut Settings after you’ve determined the correct interval spacing.

Thank you,
As far as the separate wood, I notice I had to change the settings, because I burned another sheet of the same wood type because of the result. But those graphics were vector.

Yes, solid basswood. I checked it, and no, every thing mechanical on the engraver is good. These were the first project on this machine after tests. I had this machine about 3 weeks. But I did not check the laser head to see if there’s any buildup on the lenses.

That over burning may be hide these issues, but from the second picture it did show up, but it was not as shaded.

I’m still learning from this, I have been documenting on wood type, Speed, power setting. But if there’s inconsistencies running same material with the same setting but getting different results would be somewhat disappointing… but manageable.

I’ll look into the interval test for line spacing.

Thank you.

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