Inconsistent Line Marking When on Same Layer

I’m trying to create a knurling pattern on a tube using a 50 W fiber laser and a rotary chuck, but I’m getting inconsistent results where some lines mark deeper/stronger and some lines mark shallower/weaker even though they’re all on the same layer in LightBurn and marking within the same pass/slice.

The knurling pattern is a DXF file consisting of individual lines. When I import it into LightBurn, it creates several objects of joined lines. Even when I mark just one of these objects of joined lines, I get two different results within the one object.

I’ve attached images trying to show the inconsistencies, but the degree of difference is hard to capture on camera due to how it catches the light. I previously had this project in Ezcad2, and the knurling was consistent all throughout. But we switched to LightBurn because Ezcad2 started crashing on us mid-marking. Any ideas what’s causing the issue/differences in LightBurn and how to fix it? Thanks!

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