Inconsistent sizing depending on bed position

I have a series of cuts that use the exact same drafted hole size scattered across the cut bed. These are actual direct copies of each other so I know that each hole should be 4mm in diameter. The problem is that one hole is dead on 4mm and another just 30mm is 3.8mm once cut. Everything appears to be calibrated and the kerf and layer settings are all the same but it almost seems like one hole is accounting for anti-aliasing and another isn’t. Like there’s a math rounding error somewhere between the software and the controller? This discrepancy happens consistently across the bed regardless of absolute position. Seems more to do with the holes relative distance to one another? Ideas?

That is bizarre, and unlikely a software issue - is it possible that your bed isn’t level? If part of it were a little lower or higher, it would make the beam wider there, which could make the size of the holes vary.

That was my original thought so I started with a full clean and re-align / tram of the bed. Heights are the same but I will continue to check through the mechanics of everything. Seems to me if if were just the bed height the problem would get better and worse as that height changed but it seems to be consistently off depending on the distance between the holes and their position on the bed. Feels like its rendering the circle ever so slightly differently but I need to think of some different ways to test. It does seem like I have a good amount of beam degredation going from left to right but again that wouldn’t explain the repeatability across different points on the bed.

Hate to ask, and it shouldn’t be relative, but have you checked your X and Y calibration lately? can’t hurt to verify it.

Are you checking bed to lens distance at multiple points across the center of the bed. I used to just do the corners but then discovered my bed used to sag pretty badly. I since added supports to help.

When you set up to cut, is the hole that’s the right size at or near the location you set the lens height?

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