Increasing line width on SVG cut?

When using an SVG file to engrave, is there any way to increase the width of the cut? LightBurn seems to ignore the stroke width setting in the SVG file.

If I export the SVG as a PNG file, then LightBurn respects the stroke width, but the PNG takes 10x longer to engrave, since is has to scan the workpiece along all rows and columns, whereas the SVG engraves quickly, since it’s just following the paths.

There is a workaround that works for me. If I want to increase the line thickness when engraving a vector file I will use the offset tool. If you set the offset to “both” & set your offset to half your preferred line thickness. You will need the activate the switch to delete the original line.

Depending on the design- could you just change the focus 1 to 1.5mm to achieve a thicker line? I do that so I can insert wires into an engraving. Makes the width I need in one pass.

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