Indeterminate results from SVG save

I create in Illustrator, import to Lightburn, adjust size to suit, then save the resulting as an SVG.

When I come to open that SVG in Illustrator, Safari, or any other SVG-aware app, there’s no line information, just a blank screen.

In illustrator I have all the separate components, but don’t see to be able to select them to assign a line weight or colour.

It’s driving me batty, trying to work out the correct process.

Of course I can use AI, but I tend to use SVG for maximum compatibility.

Here’s an example:

Up-to-date Lightburn, MacOs 10.14.4, lots of memory and disk.

I’ll have to look in more detail once I’m on land again, but my MacBook seemingly has no trouble with the file:

That’s the original. The two with ‘lightburn’ in the title are from LightBurn

It looks like everything is present, just outside the view box, which I’m likely not computing properly. I’ll have another look. You don’t have machines listed in your profile - What controller / origin do you use?

I don’t? That’s strange…

Grbl/smoothie and Ruida. I’ll check again.


This was the state it was in when I left it last night after creating those images - clearly has the smoothie selected.

Maybe need to delete the prefs file?

No, there’s likely an issue with the viewbox. When I look at the image you posted I see the puzzle vectors to the left of the viewbox, but sized and oriented properly. I’ll take a look.

I re-did it all from scratch and the export of AI and SVG was strange, when opened back in AI.

At first there’s just a tiny artboard and nothing visible, but if you CMD+A and ‘fit to artwork bounds’ it’s all there, in good condition.

I just did that, then saved it and saved SVG - it’s all peachy.

There’s something not quite right, but it all works with a little massage and some kind words :slight_smile:

So, now I know the process for making it all work, there’s no pressure - take the day off, go fishing, watch a movie, etc. as I know you would have been worried that I was unable to do stuff :wink:

Seriously though, thanks. I’ll live till the next update and it meant I did a better job than the horror show I was originally going to put out.

If you want any testing, files, etc. just ask. I’m basically slacking and packing boxes. Anything to break the monotony of moving house.


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