Ink Pens and Signs

Just a few quick to make items as I’m getting used to my new laser. I really like the “Algerian” font for the walnut sign. The pens are from Amazon and look pretty nice after the paint is removed with the laser. The white plastic jig to hold the pen while it is lasered was 3D printed.


You’re starting good. Try to reduce the burn ghosting around your lettering. If engraving smooth surfaces, apply paper based transfer tape to the item. On rough surfaces, it will be a dance / balance of speed and power to minimize the burning.

One way you mask / protect some rough surfaces is by using heavier tack painters tape, masking tape, and even some types of paper based transfer tapes along with a Formica counter top roller to work the tape into the texture.

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Thanks for the feedback. I find it kind of interesting how some people like the “burned” edges around the laser work and others want it clean. I have a CNC machine as well and have always worked to make sure lettering and the like has crystal clear edges for lettering and other engraving. On the laser, working to use tape and have even sanded it a bit but get people telling me they like how it looks when you get the rougher edges- just have to know who you’re dealing with. Thanks again.

As with any “art”, looks is subjective. I have had people ask for both ways so one is no better than the other.

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