Inks for laser color engraving?

Does someone knows any alternative to this ink ? I don’t find it in Europe.
It’s the ONLY ink working for low cost laser that I’ve EVER seen, I don’t know what it worth beyond the video…

Very interesting. I use one of the sprays for co2. I did find a listing for them, they are relatively expensive.


Yes, this is an expensive product, sold only by 50gr, and not sure if it’s ok with health.
This is why I’m looking for alternatives, or if someone knows what kind of ink it is :slight_smile:

All of this stuff is expensive.

Is what I use for the co2 machine. Expensive and it’s still a work in progress. Noticed that it’s also for co2, so it will be interesting to mess with.

The lbt100 you can wash it off and it’s non toxic. I believe they advised it was ok for septic systems. However don’t know how well it works with led lasers.

Good luck


Oh thank ! This is exactly the kind of things that I’m looking for. But I use a diode laser, like in the first video.
Thank for sharing the brand ! Will be useful in the future if I go on CO2.

I have had good sucess with my LED “15w” laser and using powder coat powder mixed with alcohol. I just used regular rubbing alcohol and mixed with powder coat powder (i used baby blue) until it’s about milk viscosity and painted it on a piece of aluminum with a foam brush. I let it dry and hit it with around 50% power and around 100mm/min (don’t remember exactly, shoulda wrote it down, doh!). Afterward, just washed off the rest of the powder coat with water and it worked great.

Which ‘powder’ did you use?

I’ve heard of success using LBT with led lasers, although the people that make it haven’t commented that I’ve seen.


I had bought some different color powders when I was experimenting with powder coating a few years ago, I just ordered them from ebay. They worked great for the powder coating experiment (but they had to go into the oven), and they work great for melting them on with the laser too. Of course, make sure the surface is clean first!

Got a link… or is it vaporware…? Sounds interesting…


idk if you can post links to ebay auctions here, just go to ebay and search for “powder coat paint”, there is plenty there.

You can usually drop a link here and a number of other file types…


Awkay, here is one for like $11 including shipping:

If you need another color, just post it here and I will search for ya!

BTW, the link I sent is for a larger flake size than I used, I used a fine powder. I have a flaky one like this, an “hammertone” powder that worked really well in the oven. I never tried it with the laser, but I will put some on plexi when I get home and burn it on the laser and post results.

Shipping is half the price of the product…


If you want to look at it that way, I am a veteran ebayer, so I look at it as $11 to the door :wink:

I saw today that Brilliance Laser inks is selling Red Tone now.

I have the 100w R&B and would like to use your method.
I tried it with 40% but turned it black with red powder solution.
Any suggestions?

well, you should be using more like 1%. I use a 15w laser and use 5%. Give that a shot and lemme know how it turns out.

minimum is 15%; but I’ll give that a try.

5% of 15 watts is about three quarters of a watt

One is an led, the other a co2…

If you can lase your 100 watt machine at 10% then the lowest you can do is about 10 watts… substantially more power than probably needed…

Doesn’t the manufacturer have any kind of guidelines.?